Chapter Resident Members

Phi Beta Kappa chapters are granted to the Phi Beta Kappa members of the faculty and staff of the sheltering institution. These members, called active or resident members of the chapter, are responsible for conducting chapter business

FIU Faculty/Staff Members in PBK

Jessica Adler History
Claudia Balzan University Graduate School
John Boyd Economics
Jonathan Comer Psychology
Laura Creel College of Medicine
Genevieve Diamond Library
Charles Donate Center for Excellence in Writing
Susie Escorcia Office of Research and Economic Development
Juan Carlos Espinosa Dean, Honors College
Clement Fatovic Political Science
Alia Fons-Scheyd Counseling and Psychological Services
Ken Furton Chemistry and FIU Provost
Bernard Gerstman Physics
Paula Gillespie English
Hugh Gladwin Sociology/Anthropology
Susan Gorman Mathematics
Mike Heithaus Biological Sciences, Dean of College of Arts, Sciences and Education
Annellys Hernandez College of Medicine
Rosemary Hickey-Vargas Earth Sciences
Jeff Joens Chemistry
Douglas Kincaid Global and Sociocultural Sciences
Laird Kramer Physics
Abe Lavender Sociology/Anthropology
Ken Lipartito History
Sachay Liriano College of Medicine
Mitch Maidique Management and FIU President Emeritus
Todd Makse Politics and International Relations
Caitlin Maxcy Wolfsonian
Gabriel Odom Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work
Richard Olson Political Science
Karen Paul Management & International Business
Umer Rahman Office of Community Engagement
Amy Reid MARC*USTAR, Biological Sciences
Barbra Roller College of Medicine
Mark Rosenberg Political Science and FIU President
Carolyn Runowicz College of Medicine
Frederick Schild College of Medicine
Laurie Shrage Philosophy
Geoffrey Smith Computing and Information Sciences
John Stack Dean, School of International and Public Affairs
Judith Stiehm Political Science
Rick Tardanico Sociology/Anthropology
Rebecca Toonkel College of Medicine
Yukching Tse Dinh Chemistry
Stephen Winkle Chemistry
Kirsten Wood History

Retired Members

Gisela Casines English
Marian Demos* Modern Languages/Humanities
Peggy Endel* English
Joan Erber Psychology
Arthur W. Herriott Chemistry
Parky Howell Statistics
Paulette Johnson Statistics
Leonard Keller* Chemistry
Charles MacDonald International Relations
Steve Mintz Physics
Nick Onuf International Relations
Jack Parker Environmental Studies
Joyce Peterson History
Darden Pyron History
Laurie Richardson Biological Sciences
Gene Rosenberg Biological Sciences
Richard Rubin Mathematics
Rebecca Salokar* Political Science
William Vickers Sociology/Anthropology
Butler Waugh* English
Gregory Wolfe* International Relations
* Deceased